Texas Mountain Laurel is a small thornless evergreen tree. A good choice for patio areas, it is very clean and grows slowly to 15 feet tall and wide. Silver Sierra™ is a silver-leafed form of the species. It is similar in all respects with the exception that it has bright silver foliage instead of green. The dark purple wisteria-like blossoms look stunning against the silver foliage. The flowers also smell like grape bubble-gum. The silver-foliaged plants appear to be less susceptible than the green to the annoying caterpillar moth. (The caterpillars of a small moth skeltonize the new growth of the regular green-leafed Texas Mountain Laurels.) The seeds are toxic, but are encased in a nearly impenetrable hard pod, so any danger is minimal.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Tree

Size (H x W): 15ft x 15ft

Flower Color: Purple

Hardiness: Zone 8: 10˚F

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