Sophora secundiflora Silver Sierra™ (Silver Texas Mountain Laurel)


Texas Mountain Laurel is a small thornless evergreen tree. A good choice for patio areas, it is very clean and grows slowly to 15 feet tall and wide. Silver Sierra™ is a silver-leafed form of the species. It is similar in all respects with the exception that it has bright silver foliage instead of green. This plant has been grafted to ensure consistency. The dark purple wisteria-like blossoms look stunning against the silver foliage. The flowers also smell like grape bubble-gum. The silver-foliaged plants appear to be less susceptible than the green to the annoying caterpillar moth. (The caterpillars of a small moth skeltonize the new growth of the regular green-leafed Texas Mountain Laurels.) The seeds are toxic, but are encased in a nearly impenetrable hard pod, so any danger is minimal.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Tree
Size (H x W): 15ft x 15ft
Flower Color: Purple
Hardiness: Zone 8: 10˚F

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