*This plant is not currently in production, but the page is preserved for informational purposes.

Native to southwest Texas and into Mexico, Chisos Red Oak grows native at elevations of about 5000-6000'. Vibrant red fall color in habitat. Fast growing for an oak, Quercus gravesii will tolerate lower elevations with some supplemental irrigation but will likely not have as colorful of a fall show. This Oak has deeply lobed leaves that resemble Q. buckleyi, and they will hold their leaves late into the season. Chisos Red Oak will grow to an eventual height of about 40’ tall by 35’ wide. Trees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have done well, but without much fall color. These have performed magnificently at our Cochise yard just a bit over 4000’ in elevation. At lower elevations the leaves will likely remain green rather than show much color.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Tree

Size (H x W): 40ft x 35ft

Flower Color: Inconspicuous

Hardiness: Zone 7: 0˚F

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