Saharan Cypress is native to the southeastern portion of Algeria, occurring in a narrow 70 mile strip. Only 233 trees still exist in the wild, due to overgrazing and use as firewood by the indigenous people over the centuries. This critically endangered tree is also very tough and long-lived, the oldest know specimen being 2200 years old. Trees in the wild receive on average about one inch of rainfall annually. Saharan Cypress is a slow-growing evergreen that can eventually reach 60' tall and about 30' wide over time. As expected, this species is extremely drought tolerant once established, and can even survive in the low desert heat of Phoenix with some supplemental irrigation through the warm season. Saharan Cypress will do best in full sun with well-draining soil.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Tree

Size (H x W): 60 ft x 30 ft

Flower Color: Inconspicuous

Hardiness: Zone 7: 0˚F

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