Sierra Starr® is a hybrid between Calliandra eriophylla (Pink Fairy Duster) and Calliandra californica (Baja Fairy Duster). This clone blooms almost year-round with stunning bright red flowers, which are irresistible to hummingbirds and native bees. It has a uniform, dense growth habit and a moderate growth rate. It is much more densely-branched than Calliandra californica. Because it is a clone, Sierra Starr® may be planted successfully in semi-formal rows and masses. It performs best in full sun, and thrives in reflected heat exposures. The stems are hardy to about 18° F and the plant is root hardy to at least 15° F.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Shrub

Size (H x W): 5ft x 5ft

Flower Color: Red

Hardiness: Zone 8: 10˚F

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