Atriplex canescens (Four Wing Saltbush)


This prolific plant is native to most of the arid west at elevations from sea level to 8000 feet. This fast-growing and long-lived shrub has a naturally dense, rounded form. It is evergreen, with narrow gray-green leaves. Male and female flowers, both inconspicuous, are produced on different plants. Female plants produce unique papery-thin, 4-winged fruit that are a favorite source of food for birds and small mammals. This plant thrives in full sun in both high and low deserts. In addition to providing food and shelter for wildlife, Four wing saltbush is useful for erosion control and is extremely tolerant of saline soils.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Shrub
Size (H x W): 5ft x 6ft
Flower Color: Green
Hardiness: Zone 4: -30˚F

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