*This plant is not currently in production, but the page is preserved for informational purposes.

Huachuca Agave is native in southern
Arizona and into the Mexican state of
Chihuahua. In Arizona it is found primarily
in the Huachuca mountains, but ranges as
far north as Mt. Lemmon near Tucson.
Plants occur from about 5000 to 7000’ in
elevation. Individual heads will grow to
about 2 feet tall and wide, and they can
produce many offsets. Its leaves are wide
and blue-green in color, armed with many
teeth and a terminal spine. At the end of its
life cycle a stunning flower spike emerges
with bright yellow flowers. The mother
plant dies, but the pups (offsets) continue
the population. This agave is best suited to
full sun in the middle and higher elevations,
but will tolerate some shade too.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Accent/Succulent

Size (H x W): 3 ft x 3 ft

Flower Color: Yellow

Hardiness: Zone 7: 0˚F

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