Agave parryi v. couesii (Coues Agave)


One of the smaller and more cold hardy selections of A. parryi, this variety grows to about 18 inches tall x 2 feet wide, with many offsets. This plant suckers freely to form large clumps of flat-topped rosettes. Its leaves are linear and are blue green in color. This variety is native to central Arizona, occurring at elevations from 4500 to 8000 feet. At the end of its life cycle a stunning flower spike emerges, with red buds opening to reveal bright yellow flowers. The mother plant dies, but the pups (offsets) continue the population. This agave will need some additional moisture in heat of summer. It is very cold hardy, tolerating temperatures down to 0° F.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Accent/Succulent
Size (H x W): 2ft x 2ft
Flower Color: Yellow
Hardiness: Zone 7: 0˚F

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