*This plant is not currently in production, but the page is preserved for informational purposes.

The twin-flowered agave has amazing versatility, tolerating exposures ranging from full sun and reflected heat to full shade. This accent plant forms a dense, symmetrical rosette of narrow, dark green leaves, to about 3 feet across. In full sun, the leaves are stiff and straight, and the sharp terminal spines can be a hazard. In shady exposures the leaves relax to form a softer silhouette. At the end of its life cycle, which averages about 10 years in cultivation, this plant will send up a spectacular 15 to 18 foot tall flower spike. Twin-flowered agave should be planted in well-drained soil, and receive minimal irrigation. Gardeners in colder climates can plant Agave geminiflora in portable containers and move them indoors when temperatures plummet below 20º F.

At a Glance Summary

Type: Accent/Succulent

Size (H x W): 3ft x 3ft

Flower Color: Inconspicuous

Hardiness: Zone 8: 10˚F

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